The Land of Empyrean

:a role playing setting and hyperfantasy universe,

that lies hidden between all other worlds:


The Hidden Mirror, "The Land", The Secret Heart, World of Worlds, and more are all names for Empyrean.

Q: Empyrean is a Dimension? Plane? Setting? System? Universe? World?

A: Empyrean is All of the Above and More+

Empyrean is a Metadimension of imagination, faith, fears, and hopes that lies within and  between all other planes; Empyreanites (Native and Non Native) may sense and find it. It is almost impossible for Non Empyreanites to find the knowledge of, or even it's location. Very rarely only the most beautiful, evil, good, innocent, powerful, wise, wretched and other "pinnacles" of humanity may breach it's fickle

borders and cross its threshold into The Land. Unfortunately, those souls are rarely found or heard from ever again as The Land is vast and near infinite as the dreams, prayers, fears, and faiths of minds across the multiverse. The minds of  the many give off a 'radiation' that causes generative energy in Empyrean.

To further encapsulate (and protect), Non Empyreanites who manage to breach The Land find it was far

easier to enter than to leave. Those lacking the Bloodline cannot gain sustenance nor evolve the way an Empyreanite can. While they are young and new, they are "less than" the average soul, but with time and experience grow "equal to" a human soul, but with even more time and experience, these beings evolve into and eventually surpass Gods. This setting can be played by itself or fused into many of the most popular tabletop RPGs. Archetypes offer unlimited content to spice up your current roster of foes as well as enhancing existing NPCs and Guest Stars that can offer aid or adventure with your party!

Q: How Can I Experience Empyrean? What Books Will Be Available?

A: The Base Book: The Land of Empyrean will be available in Digital or Print in the Third Quarter of 2021

With Over 125 [Archetypes], By Epic Levels, There's Over Ten Million Unique Character Combinations

Allowing You the Freedom to Create and Evolve into Any Kind of Adventurer You Want to Become!

Included with Purchase is the First Adventure Module "Reality Unbound: Part One" (Levels 6-20)

(The Digital Version of the Adventure is Free with Purchase, but Print Versions will be Available Also!)

The First Adventure is Part One of Three and Offers 3-6 Months of Playable Content for Most Groups.

Q: Is This Just Phase One? Will There Be More?

A: Yes. This is merely the starting point for a multi project series painting this new setting in many ways

from fiction to new adventure modules (minor to major) to allowing other artists and writers to add in

a bit of their flavor to Empyrean in upcoming projects, as well as even the possibility of music or games.


As far as the Core Book Editions, while the current [Archetypes] reach Power Levels of 11, the Legendary

Book will cover attainable abilities reaching Power Levels 12 through 15 and Level 30-39 Content.

Additionally, crowdfunding an illustrated version of The Land of Empyrean, is a project launching ASAP.

Q: What is an [Archetype]? What do they look like?

A: Inspired by the concept of Jungian Archetypes, Empyrean focuses on [Archetypes] rather than 

classes, which allows players to grow and increase their power and versatility on a constant basis

rather than having to wait for the leveling up at the end of a session when you all return "home".

While players do "Level Up", their greatest evolutions only occur in the heat of battle, where true

souls are tested in the flames of combat, when your life is actually at peril and you find inspiration!


All [Archetypes] have 3 Unlockable Abilities per Power Level, Ranging from Power Levels 1 to 11.

Below is about half of a single [Archetype], the Elemental Family of Fire. All Empyreanites can 

trace their bloodline back to The Land, many coming from the [Elemental] Family, Arcane or Divine.

There's more than a dozen "Families" each boasting 6, 12, or 18 [Archetypes] from Knights to 

Dragons to Primals to Heroes and Villains and Much More! And More To Be Announced and Released!

Below are the First Six Power Levels of the [Fire Elemental] Family which can be equipped into any

[DNA] Slot (once learned, liberated, passed down via a bloodline, or stolen of course!)

fire example.JPG

Q: What is Hyperfantasy? Why is Empyrean described as Hyperfantasy?

A: Hyperfantasy refers to a form of setting beyond 'high fantasy' entering the realm that fuses genres like comic books, manga, scifi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, and video games into one. It takes 'high fantasy' to the realm your local DM usually is afraid to go because it's beyond the levels (of power, of classes, of monsters) that most DMs really want to deep dive into. Meta fiction, nexus worlds, and crossovers tend to have this blend of epic adventure and potential. For example, if "Lord of the Rings" is Fantasy and "Harry Potter" is High Fantasy, then "Final Fantasy XIV" is Hyperfantasy.

(And was coined and later published online by R.A. Lopez aka "Electronicoffee" via Urbandictionary)

Q: Can You Add Me to Your Mailing List? I Have a YouTube / Gaming Podcast ? Comic Store ? Etc.

A: Email Me Directly: SPELLCOOKINGDOTCOM@GMAIL.COM and Let's Talk!