TEGA was created in November 2019 and then posted to Urbandictionary. It remained on Urbandictionary, avoiding the Transhomophobic Mob for over a year, until December 2020.

It was just removed recently due to hundreds of complaints.

What sets TEGA apart from TERF is very important in that it does

not require 'feminism' as part of it, but merely 'activism' in rejecting

transgender ideology (including genderqueer, agender, nonbinary).

Transgenderism is Homophobia (Transhomophobia) because when

you say that anyone can be any sex you devalue, dismiss, and disrespect homosexuality and the natural rights we have fought so hard for. Let's cut through all the jargon and be direct: it's simple.

If you are a true gay man (biological) and you do not want to date, kiss, fuck, or marry a woman, you are a TEGA by any other name.

TEGA is for gay men who know they are gay and do not date,

kiss, fuck, or marry women who pretend to be men despite

pressure from the "GLBTQIAA2+" community. Sorry man-ladies,

we like men and women pretending to be men don't have dicks.

They have coined a term for gay men who support transgenders

and claim to recognize transmen as 'real men' but won't date

or fuck them called "The Boxer Ceiling"* showing they can only

'ascend so far' in the gay community as they lack essential parts.

(*The transwomen version is "The Cotton Ceiling" for TERFs)

If you are a gay man who has been pressured into dating, kissing,

or fucking a transman, you are not alone and many have been bullied, pressured, and even tricked into doing all of the above.

If someone lies about their gendersex and what equipment

they have between their legs, that is RAPE. It is called RAPE BY DECEIT and is a REAL CRIME experienced by many people daily.

If you have been a victim of RAPE BY DECEIT, please reach out to someone, especially the authorities and don't be ashamed because it's happened to many people of all walks of life as transgenders often do not feel the need to 'come out' and often take pride in

passing well enough to get into bed with someone without them knowing their true gendersex does not match what they present.

They also hate I have coined: Gendersex and Transhomophobia


I had created a Reddit I took over managing called #DROPTHET which was created by the original creator of the #DROPTHET movement and created the famous petition in 2015. After the reddit was banned in 2018, I created #DROPTHETEA and we were climbing up to several thousand members before we got nuked by the site's intersectional censorship language police.


On the group, I had a long running gag 'project' called #MONSTERSAMONGUS in which I would post photos of transgender, genderqueer, agender, asexual, non binary, and other delusional folk and clown on them by giving them new satirical names and sometimes a snippet or minor backstory.  The series was specifically designed to mock and ridicule the non-passability of 99.99% of trans because I believe the best way to 'shock' someone out of acting like a clown is embarrassment and ridicule can be a medicine.

Well this was an epic success. Really fucking made them cry. The REEEEE was over 9,000. Rather than make another Reddit and fight against the tide in a war I simply could not win, due to my content being taken down as 'transphobic' and labeled as 'hate speech' on every single major social media, I decided I'd spread cards out through the community of TERFS, TEGAs, anti-sjws, conservatives, right wingers, and anyone who hated ANTIFA, BLM, or Polically Correct Bullshit.

I would them decide instead, I would create an entire series of sets of Magic: The Gathering cards based on the world mythos that satirizes this current mad world we're living in where gender and sex and race are mutable. The basis of the world is below and then click the link to see the current and newest cards out! I'll be showing more as each Set completes.


of 150/150 Cards or Two Blocks of 450/450 : Total 900 Cards!!

Set G will be the next 3 (G/H/I) in the new current block! <3

It's 20XX and Gendersex Mutants (Sex Mutants aka Transgenders) and Shapeshifters (Nonbinary, Genderqueer, Agender/Asexuals) have taken over the world becoming the dominant races after using the #LGBTQIIA2+ "community" as a stepladder to take over the world. A few rare drag queens stood up and cast spells summoning other drag queens, gays, and lesbians to fight back and form the groups #TEGA and #TERF to #DROPTHET from #LGBT to bring back a sense of normalcy, pride, and reclaim female only and male only spaces, resisting the waves of infested, confused NPCs...





Monsters Among Us.jpg

If you'd like to join my mailing list and get sent a new

'booster pack' whenever I drop them, send me an email to:


Current Progress: SET G : 0 out of 150 ! Available: 900 Cards

Q: Can I use them? More information?

A: They can be shared, printed, and played with by anyone as long as no money is involved. I do not give permission to sell any objects with the cards printed on them or printing the cards themselves and selling those. Thank you for respecting!

I may be merchandizing prints or tshirts or something soon.

If you'd like to support me consider purchasing a book or few

from my BOOKS page and purchasing Empyrean (Q3 2021)!

Q: Can I make my own? Will you 'official' my fanmade card?

A: Yes, I will be taking suggestions for people you all would like to see as cards, especially outspoken and prominant TEGA and TERF individuals I would love to find and meet more including collaborating or working alongside any in an activism or educational or entertainment sense. I will also be making a 'community contributions' gallery with the ones that I find are well designed and hilarious (ideally both are required; some may be so good I might overlook the quality!)

Lastly, if you send them to me, I may contact you in order to clarify or help you tweak/modify a small thing possibly.)