WHile BLM GLOBAL WAS REARING its head, other threats such as

the antihorsemen from the communist "utopia" timeline who

ruled a world of human harvesting and eventual elimiation

to the fast food generals who were let off the leash to hunt

those cancelled mascots, such as uncle ben and aunt jemima

who led their people to safety after being unplugged from 

"The woke" to be discarded. Instead they fought back and kept

their essence and memories, knowing their influence on americana (both history and culture) was cemented in our hearts and minds. BLM Global kicked things into overdrive as

they had full immunity from the law under the blue mirage's

magics and the wall who flies (wakanda harris) playing defense for other horrors such as the souther border crisis

where illegals from countries around the world including

terrorists were pouring through the newly punched holes.

the sexmutant overlords who had ruled us for so long

allowed an experiment or two from their labs escape and

run havok reminding the world of their unholy abominations.

The shapeshifter legion continues to swell, absorbing and

losing followers with the daily or weekly cultural swings,

like an ocean of human flesh pulsing to whatever is new.

The academy remained silent until now, as many sexmutants

had taken refuge there, others hoping to discover new

powers and secret tech to form a new terrorism cell.

Monsters Among Us.jpg