The Fallout came at the end of the worst year humanity had

known in many an era, or at least two since the world had

undergone such a drastic change in culture, tech, and fear.

long gone were the days of normalcy, although a few try and

work for the dream of the neo-normal and resurrection of

the values that made america great and a beacon for human

progress, both as a civilization and as a blueprint going forward into tomorrow. Our first true king, a populist and

his queen had been exiled by the poisonous mires of washington

working hand in hand with the neogods of big tech who ensnared

and silenced him and all who stood by his side or aligned their

cause to his for sanity against the sexmutant overlords and

the amorphous masses of the shapeshifter kingdom. To all of 

our surprise, a greater threat came from across the stars

but had been here all along, seeding their data into our world

via television, mostly through late night, as it is most kind to

their types: the alien vampires had revealed themselves to us.

Lead by opa, the great, these vampiric galactic lords saw the

newly corrupted and weakened america to be ripe for their

biological hacking and terraforming to polarize the planet

just as america has been, but to a literal sense! Their alien

blood magic transmuting half of earth's souls into being white or black, male or female, without any regard for their previous race or gendersex, or worse : without their consent!

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