THE mutant overlords had grown fat and quite comfortable, reveling in their power to control and compel all manner of gendersex changes, body modifications, and the forbidden stitching together of magic and technology to create their gods and scions, perfecting weaknesses and researching pain.

In their laziness Their guard lowered, ursurpers, the servile

shapeshifters had risen throgh the ranks being hardered in combat from fighting the gays and lesbians of TEGA and TERF, united by the DRAG QUEEN grand council who had made many victories freeing the humans, peasants, and townsfolk of their gendersex machinations and their vow cult of transformation.

The shapeshifters saw their moments to sacrifice three

cities filled with innocent humans and gendersex mutants

so that three pseudo gods, each given a cyber shard of ancient power to control big tech and unite it with globalism forever.

Meanwhile, manipulations in the united states has come to a

head in the war between liberty and censorship, where the rare few heroes would fall in defense of our freedoms and become betrayed by the deep state, the npcULT MEDIA, the mutant overlords, and shapeshifters taking advantage of the chaos.

Monsters Among Us.jpg